Rapid Psychological Change
Campbell (Scott)
Source: Analysis; Jul2004, Vol. 64 Issue 3, p256-264, 9p
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  1. Discusses the link of psychological change to the criterion or theory of personal identity held by Derek Parfit1 and Sydney Shoemaker.
  2. Argument of the psychological theorist on the absence of a link to the identity of a person to the identity of his body or brain;
  3. Existence of overlapping chains of psychological continuity2;
  4. Consideration of the rapid change argument against the psychological theory.

  1. Introduction
  2. The psychological theory
  3. Brain-zaps3
  4. The ‘rapid change’ argument against the psychological theory
  5. Rapid and gradual change
  6. Setting limits to the rapidity of change
  7. The ‘identity-preserving’ objection
  8. The importance of interaction between psychological states
  9. The ‘connectedness4 and continuity’ response
  10. The ‘divorcing what matters5 in survival from identity’ response
  11. Conclusion

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