Personal identity and Purgatory
Hershenov (David) & Koch-Hershenov (Rose J.)
Source: Religious Studies, Volume 42, Issue 04, December 2006, pp 439-451
Paper - Abstract

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Authors’ Abstract

  1. If Purgatory involves just an immaterial soul undergoing a transformation between our death and resurrection, then, as Aquinas recognized, it won't be us in Purgatory.
  2. Drawing upon Parfit1's ideas about identity not being what matters2 to us, we explore whether the soul's experience of Purgatory could still be beneficial to it as well as the deceased human who didn't experience the purging yet would possess the purged soul upon resurrection.
  3. We also investigate an alternative non-Thomistic hylomorphic3 account of Purgatory in which humans would survive during the period between death and resurrection in a bodiless form with a soul as their only proper part.


For the full text, see Hershenovs - Personal identity and Purgatory.

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