Got to Have Soul
Baltimore (Joseph A.)
Source: Religious Studies, Volume 42, Issue 04, December 2006, pp 417-430
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Author’s Abstract

  1. Kevin Corcoran offers an account of how one can be a physicalist about human persons, deny temporal gaps in the existence of persons, and hold that there is an afterlife1.
  2. I argue that Corcoran's account both violates the necessity of metaphysical identity and implausibly makes an individual's existence dependent on factors wholly extrinsic to the individual.
  3. Corcoran's defence is considered, as well as Stephen Davis's suggestions on how an account like Corcoran's can defend itself against these concerns. It is shown, however, that the difficulties remain in full force and, therefore, that Corcoran's account fails to reconcile physicalism, no gappy existence, and an afterlife2.


See "Corcoran (Kevin) - I'm No Soul, Man: a Response to Baltimore" for a response.

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