Is Zalta’s Individuation of Intensional Entities Circular?
Greimann (Dirk)
Source: Metaphysica 4.2 (2003), pp. 93-102
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Author’s Abstract

  1. According to Quine’s influential critique of intensional semantics, properties and propositions are “twilight half-entities” lacking a satisfactory principle of individuation1.
  2. Edward N. Zalta, on the other hand, has argued that the identity-conditions of these entities can be successfully explained in terms of the so-called “encoding” relation.
  3. The aim of this paper is to show that, according to Quine’s standard, Zalta’s individuation2 is circular.
    1. In section 1, Quine’s criteria of adequacy for individuations3 are recapitulated, and,
    2. in section 2, the circularity of Zalta’s individuation4 is established.
    3. Finally, in section 3, the implications of this circularity are examined.

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