No Impediment to Solidity as Impediment
Blatti (Stephan)
Source: Metaphysica 7.1 (2006), pp. 35-42
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    Quassim Cassam (1997) argues that a subject, S, must be intuitively aware of himself as a physical object in order to conceive of his perceptions as being of physical objects. One premise in Cassam’s argument for this claim is that, in order for S to conceive of objects as having a shape, being spatially located, and being solid, S’s perceptual experience must present such objects to him in just that way (i.e. as shaped, spatially located, and solid). And about the experience of solidity, Cassam adopts the standard view; “solidity is typically felt as an impediment to one’s movements” (1997: 52). Etc. ….


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