The Pleasure of Finding Things Out
Feynman (Richard)
Source: Feynman - The Pleasure of Finding Things Out - The Best Short Works
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Editor’s Introduction

  1. This is the edited transcript of an interview with Feynman made for the BBC television program Horizon in 1981, shown in the United States as an episode of Nova.
  2. Feynman had most of his life behind him by this time (he died in 1988), so he could reflect on his experiences and accomplishments with the perspective not often attainable by a younger person.
  3. The result is a candid, relaxed, and very personal discussion on many topics close to Feynman’s heart:
    • Why knowing merely the name of something is the same as not knowing anything at all about it;
    • How he and his fellow atomic scientists of the Manhattan Project could drink and revel in the success of the terrible weapon they had created while on the other side of the world in Hiroshima thousands of their fellow human beings were dead or dying from it
    • Why Feynman could just as well have gotten along without a Nobel Prize.

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