Existence and identity in quantified modal logics
Routley (Richard)
Source: Notre Dame J. Formal Logic 10, no. 2 (1969), 113–149
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    A way of overcoming objections to the development of a combined quantification and modal logic1 based on S5, and more generally objections to quantified intensional logics, is elaborated. Problematic theses are appropriately qualified by basing the theory on an existence-neutral logic, with 'exists' as a primitive predicate. Problems of identity are resolved through a distinction between extensional and strict identity. Rival resolutions of the modal2 paradoxes are criticised, and quine's objections to quantifying into modal3 contexts are shown to be unwarranted. A semantical analysis of systems used is provided, and some presuppositions of this analysis discussed. S5 is defended as providing the correct account of logical necessity. Kneale's and von Wright's attempts to eliminate problematic "de dicto" modalities4 are criticised.

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