Reply to Garrett
Noonan (Harold)
Source: Analysis 46, 1986, pp. 205-211
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Author’s Introduction

  1. In my article 'Wiggins, artefact identity and "best candidate1" theories' (Analysis 45.1, January 1985, pp. 4-8) I criticized the 'best candidate2' approach to identity over time, that is, the approach according to which whether a later individual, y, is identical with an earlier individual, x, may be determined merely by whether, at the later time, there are any better candidates than y around for identity with x.
  2. In his interesting reply 'Noonan, "best candidate3" theories and the Ship of Theseus4' (Analysis 45.4, October 1985, pp. 212-15) B. J. Garrett comes to the defence of the best candidate5 theorist.
  3. In what follows I explain why I am still unconvinced.

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