Why Humeans Are Out of Their Minds
Hawthorne (John)
Source: Nous; Jun2004, Vol. 38 Issue 2, p351-358, 8p
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  1. According to Humeanism, the causal facts pertaining to any subregion of the world are extrinsic to that region, supervening1 on the global distribution of freely recombinable fundamental properties.
  2. For example, according to the Humean, a spatio-temporal region in which a certain intrusion of a bullet into a body is followed by death is only extrinsically a region in which the intrusion causes the death.
  3. A spatio-temporal region wholly contains a being if and only if every spatio-temporal point that the being occupies in its lifetime belongs to that region.
  4. A spatio-temporal region contains a being if and only if some some spatio-temporal point in that region is occupied by that being.

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