Can You Survive a Brain-Zap
Campbell (Scott)
Source: Theoria, 2004; 70(1): 22-27
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  1. The Brain-Zap
    • This is an animalist1 view, but it assumes that persons are identical to animals, rather than that we are.
    • A is my son - A: Pre-Zap; B: Post-Zap; C: Post-Repair.
    • What is my relation to B & C?
  2. Controlling the Thought Experiment2
    • Can’t just assume that the brain repair restores A’s psychology
    • Don’t assume my son is a young child – assume in 20s.
  3. Should a Parent Care for B?
  4. What if C is D?
    • Extend the thought experiment3 by imagining that the “repair” to B is of another person’s psychology, D. So the question is whether D’s parent’s should care for C in that case, or A’s.
  5. Parental Control

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