Debate: Can Only One Religion Be True?
Yandell (Keith E.) & Byrne (Peter)
Source: Peterson (Michael) & Van Arragon (Raymond) - Contemporary Debates in Philosophy of Religion, 2004
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    Keith Yandell and Peter Byrne agree that it is possible that only one religion is true, but there agrrement ends. Yandell believes that one religion is true, and he argues that the view known as "religious pluralism" — which rejects that belief – is fraught with contradiction and slyly sets up its own exclusivist religion which claims all others to be false. On the other side, Byrne argues that, given the plurality of world religions, it is most reasonable to suppose that there is some divine reality to which each is responding, but that each religion is strictly false in its exclusivist claims, or at any rate that none has anything like a complete picture of this reality.

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