Why We May Become Disembodied, But To No Avail
Unger (Peter)
Source: Unger - All the Power in the World, 2006, Chapter 8
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  1. Why We May Become Disembodied1 Souls, with the Deaths of Our Brains and Bodies
  2. Even while You may be an Immaterial Soul, Are You really an Existential OTHERON?
  3. Immaterial OTHERONS are just as Problematic as Material OTHERONS
  4. Metaphysical Asymmetries and Further Forms of Substantial Dualism
  5. Some Questions about Disembodiment, and about Reincarnation2
  6. Prospects for Disembodiment
  7. Even if We Disembodied3 Souls Last for Eons, What Are Our Prospects for Experiencing?
  8. What are Our Prospects for Reincarnation4?
  9. The Question of Disembodied5 Souls and the Question of an Almighty Creator
  10. Why Our Long-Term Prospects May Be Very Bleak Prospects

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