The Human Being as an Animal: The Nature of Psychophysical Unity: Overview - The Sameness of Materialism and Dualism and the Need for a Holistic View Opposed to Both
Braine (David)
Source: Braine (David) - The Human Person: Animal and Spirit, 1993, Chapter 1
Paper - Abstract

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  1. The sameness of structure of materialism and dualism: the inner/outer divide, 23
  2. The psychophysical integration of the human being, 29
  3. Hybrid facts and propositions: the logical aspect of holism, 34
  4. The effects of the inner/outer divide: (I) the false chasm between the knower and the known, 42
    … (a) The predicament of explaining knowledge of the external world, 42
    … (b) How to get from knowledge of the external world to knowledge of other minds, 47
    … (c) The problem of how words referring to the mental have meaning, 49
    … (d) The problem of personal identity and knowledge by memory, 51
    … (e) The causal theory of knowledge generalized, 55
  5. The effects of the inner/outer divide: (II) the false chasm between the agent and the world, 57
  6. The hybrid nature of the human being: mechanistic explanation not fundamental, 60
  7. Recovering the vision of the human being as a unity: the scale of the task, 64
    Conclusion, 67

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