Hawthorne (John)
Source: Hawthorne - Metaphysical Essays, 2006, Chapter 5, pp. 85-109
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  1. A Plenitude of Temporal Parts?
  2. Permanent Coincidence?
  3. Time-Indexing and Permeation.
  4. Are the Short-Lived Things More Fundamental?
    • 4.1 Which Entities Are the Bearers of Fundamental Properties?
    • 4.2 Does the Temporally Long Depend on the Temporally Short?
    • 4.3 Does Everything Supervene1 on the Profile of the Short-Lived Things?
  5. Are Potentialities Intrinsic to Existing Objects at a Time?
  6. ‘Wholly Present’?
    Postscript: Sider’s Argument From Vagueness.

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