Appropriate Attitudes Towards Nonexistence
Kamm (F.M.)
Source: Kamm - Morality, Mortality (Vol. 1) - Death and Whom to Save from It, Chapter 4
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OUP Abstract

  1. Considers how one should deal with death1, given what makes it bad, and worse than prenatal non-existence.
  2. An evaluation is made of the three main types of factors discussed in Ch. 4 that play a part in our asymmetrical attitude toward death and prenatal non-existence:
    1. the Insult Factor, that death happens to a person who has already existed and undoes him;
    2. the Extinction Factor, that death means the possibility of anything significant for the person in the future is over; and
    3. the Deprivation Factor, that death deprives the person who dies of significant future goods (the Thomas Nagel / Derek Parfit2 point).
  3. Part of the discussion on the Insult Factor involves looking at the shape of events at the edges of life, as well as within it: incline and decline. This matter is considered further in a brief appendix following this chapter.


Part I - Death: From Bad to Worse

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