Procedures for Distribution
Kamm (F.M.)
Source: Kamm - Morality, Mortality (Vol. 1) - Death and Whom to Save from It, Chapter 15
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    Brings to a close the discussion of organ distribution for transplantation1 presented in the last four chapters of Part III of the book. Presents the argument against using procedures in determining the distribution of resources, and then goes on to give a critical examination of two possible procedures for determining the distribution of organs: that of John Kilner, and that of T. Starzl (this is a points system for determining kidney distribution in which no one factor has lexical priority over another that is used in a major transplant2 centre); some modifications are suggested to the Starzl procedure. Next, an alternative distribution procedure is described for application in conditions where resources are scarce. The final section of the chapter moves on from discussing the situation where the decision to be made is which of two (or more) people should receive one organ, to the choice of situation where the choice is whether to assign multiple organs to one person or each of those multiple organs to other people.

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