Morality, Mortality (Vol. 1) - Preface & Introduction
Kamm (F.M.)
Source: Kamm - Morality, Mortality (Vol. 1) - Death and Whom to Save from It
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  1. Starts with an outline of the book, and then discusses the philosophical approach taken in it.
  2. Three methods used by philosophers to approach problems are considered:
    1. the first is a theory whose correctness is immediately apparent to the philosopher concerned, and whose implications for any particular cases will be accepted, even if they lead to uncomfortable results;
    2. in the second case, the philosopher starts with a theory, but one to which commitment is not so great, and whose implications for particular cases may be examined, and if they conflict, lead to alterations in the theory; and
    3. the third starts with responses to cases (practical or theoretical) with just enough detail for philosophical purposes, rather than total or tentative commitment to a theory.
  3. The method used in this book is closer to the third than any other, and is outlined.

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