Review of Towards Non-Being: the Logic and Metaphysics of Intentionality, by Graham Priest.
Kroon (Fred)
Source: Disputatio, Vol. I, No. 19, November 2005
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Author’s Introduction

  1. In his new book, Graham Priest, well known for his vigorous defense of dialetheism (the view that there are true contradictions), espouses the no less philosophically unpopular view that there are many objects that do not exist in any sense whatsoever, such as fictional and mythical objects, merely possible (and impossible!) objects and worlds, and abstract objects such as numbers and propositions.
  2. The book is dedicated to the memory of Richard Routley/Sylvan, the New Zealand philosopher who had earlier championed a view of this kind in his Exploring Meinong’s Jungle and Beyond.
  3. Routley called this radical neo-Meinongian view ‘noneism’ — Meinong himself had thought that some non-concrete objects like numbers do have a form of existence, while Routley thought that none of them did. Priest follows this terminology, but his version of the noneist approach is in some ways very different from Routley’s.

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