Resurrection, Relic Cult, and Acseticism: The Debates of 400 and Their Background
Bynum (Caroline)
Source: Bynum (Caroline) - Resurrection of the Body in Western Christianity, 200 - 1336, Chapter 2
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  1. The Legacy of the Second Century
  2. Origen and Methodius: The Seed versus the Statue1
  3. Aphrahat, Ephraim, and Cyril of Jerusalem: Immutable Particles in Process
  4. Gregory of Nyssa: Survival, Flux, and the Fear of Decay
  5. Jerome and the Origenist Controversy: The Issue of Bodily Integrity
  6. Augustine and the Reassembled Statue2: The Background to the Middle Ages
  7. Relic Cult
  8. Asceticism, the Church and the World

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