Existentialism and Death: A Survey of Some Confusions and Absurdities
Edwards (Paul)
Source: Philosophy, Science and Method: Essays in Honor of Ernest Nagel. Edited by Sidney Morgenbesser, Patrick Suppes and Morton White. New York: St. Martin's Press, 1969. pp. 473-505
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  1. Death as Sleep1 in the Grave
  2. Fear, Anxiety, and Death
  3. The Search for the “Ontological Character” of Death
  4. Death is Not a State
  5. The Madness of the Ontological Quest
  6. The Pseudoempirical Procedures of the Ontological Explorers
  7. The Shift from the Ontological Problem to the Other Questions
  8. The Claim that Death is More Than a “Natural” Phenomenon
  9. Dying Isolated and Alone
  10. The “Mystery” of Death

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