Selections from 'Real Time'
Mellor (D.H.)
Source: Haslanger (Sally) & Kurtz (Roxanne) - Persistence : Contemporary Readings
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  1. This is an extract from "Mellor (D.H.) - Change", Chapter 7 of "Mellor (D.H.) - Real Time".
  2. It covers:-
    • pp. 103 – 107 (top) – ie. the first two sections (the Introduction and the section entitled “Things and Events”) – the first 4 pages of the chapter, followed by
    • pp. 110 (middle) – 114 (middle) – the whole of the fourth section (“Change”).
  3. The intervening section (“Changes and Properties of Things”) is omitted, as is the rest of the chapter (“Changes of Belief and the Flow of Time” and “Space and the Flow of Time”).


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