Reply to Lowe
Noonan (Harold)
Source: Analysis, Vol. 46, No. 4 (Oct., 1986), pp. 218-221
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Author’s Introduction

  1. E. J. Lowe ('Noonan on Naming and Predicating,' Analysis 46.3, June 1986, p. 159) is baffled by my maintaining (H. W. Noonan, 'Relative Identity: a Reconsideration,' Analysis 46.1, January 1986, pp. 6-10) that something which is incapable of being named by a name for an f may yet be predicatively an f, where 'f' is a sortal predicate, e.g, that something which is incapable of being named by a name for a cat may yet be predicatively a cat.
  2. In order to make clear why I think this can be so I shall refer to an instructive example of R. M. Chisholm's ('Reply to Shoemaker' in Perception and Personal Identity, ed. N. S. Care and R. Grimm, The Press of Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, 1969)
  3. Chisholm imagines a ship, the USS South Dakota, which undergoes a piecemeal replacement of parts as pictured below: ...

  1. Response to "Lowe (E.J.) - Noonan on Naming and Predicating",
  2. on "Noonan (Harold) - Relative Identity: A Reconsideration",–
  3. Reference to R. M. Chisholm's ('Reply to Shoemaker' in "Chisholm (Roderick) & Shoemaker (Sydney) - Symposium: The Loose and Popular and the Strict and Philosophical Senses of Identity", in
  4. "Care (Norman) & Grimm (Robert) - Perception and Personal Identity".)


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