The Great Ideas Today - 1988
Adler (Mortimer)
Source: Adler - The Great Ideas Today, 1988
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  1. Mermin - "Spooky Actions at a Distance: Mysteries of the Quantum Theory1"
  2. Raup - "Changing Views of Natural Catastrophe"
  3. Allanbrook - "Twentieth-Century Music"
  4. Bird (Otto) - "Saint Augustine on Reading”
  5. Simpson (Thomas) - "The New Pythagoreans: Reflections on the Idea of Science in Our Time”
  6. Sachs (Joe) – “God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob”
  7. Anastaplo (George) – “In re Allan Bloom: A Respectful Dissent”
  8. Adler (Mortimer J.) – “Ethics: Fourth Century B.C. and Twentieth Century A.D.”
  9. Adler (Mortimer J.) – “A Commentary on Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics
  10. Comenius (John Amos) – “From The Great Didactic
  11. Simon (Yves R.) – “Introduction to the Study of Practical Wisdom”
  12. Wharton (Edith) – “Ethan Frome”

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