Symposium on 'The Phenomenological Mind'
Gallagher (Shaun), Zahavi (Dan), Hutto (Daniel D.), Cole (Jonathan), Slors (Marc), Tanesini (Alessandra), Brook (Andrew), Schwabe (Lars), Blanke (Olaf)
Source: Abstracta Special Issue 2 – 2008 (Brazil)
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  1. Précis: The Phenomenological Mind (Shaun Gallagher and Dan Zahavi)
  2. Acting and Understanding the Phenomenological Manifesto (Daniel D. Hutto)
  3. Phenomenology, Neuroscience and Impairment (Jonathan Cole)
  4. The Importance and Limits of Phenomenological Philosophy of Mind (Marc Slors)
  5. Intentionality and the Externalism versus Internalism Debate (Alessandra Tanesini)
  6. Phenomenology: Contribution to Cognitive Science (Andrew Brook)
  7. Phenomenology as Another Toolbox for Neuroscience? (Lars Schwabe and Olaf Blanke)
  8. Reply: A Phenomenology with Legs and Brains (Dan Zahavi and Shaun Gallagher)


Symposium on "The Phenomenological Mind"; Link.

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