Materialism and Christian Belief
Plantinga (Alvin)
Source: Van Inwagen (Peter) & Zimmerman (Dean) - Persons: Human and Divine
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From "Zimmerman (Dean) - Persons: Human and Divine - Three Introductory Questions"

    Alvin Plantinga offered a modal1 argument for dualism in his famous book The Nature of Necessity. In this volume, he advances another modal2 argument on the basis of the conceivability of my surviving arbitrarily rapid changes in the parts of my body. He notes that some people are suspicious of the sort of intuitions about possibility he relies upon in such arguments; it is easy to confuse not seeing that something is impossible with seeing that it is possible. So Plantinga offers a second argument for dualism that proceeds from an intuition of impossibility, namely, the impossibility of a material structure's having belief content. He concludes with extensive reflections on specifically Christian reasons for being a dualist.


Part 2: Dualism

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