The Tree of Life: Agency and Immortality in a Metaphysics Inspired by Quantum Theory
Forrest (Peter)
Source: Van Inwagen (Peter) & Zimmerman (Dean) - Persons: Human and Divine
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From "Zimmerman (Dean) - Persons: Human and Divine - Three Introductory Questions"

    Peter Forrest brings both theological and scientific considerations to bear upon the nature of persons in this chapter. He develops an account of what material objects, including human beings, are; and of what human beings, as agents, do. This account has the advantages of the notorious Many Worlds interpretation of quantum theory1, without some of its more counter-intuitive consequences. His "fibrous-universe" metaphysics provides scope for the free agency of human persons; it explains how immortality is possible, making allowance for several mechanisms by means of which the resurrection of Christ and the general resurrection of the dead could be achieved; and it coheres with current scientific theories about the nature of the physical world.


Part 5: Personhood in Christian Doctrine

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