Many-Valued Logic and Degrees of Truth
Williamson (Timothy)
Source: Williamson (Timothy) - Vagueness, Chapter 4
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    4.1 Overview
    4.2 Truth-functionality
    4.3 Three-valued Logic: Beginnings
    4.4 Three-valued Logic: Hallden
    4.5 Three-valued Logic: Korner
    4.6 Three-valued Logic: Second-order Vagueness
    4.7 Continuum-valued Logic: A Rational
    4.8 Continuum-valued Logic: Truth-tables
    4.9 Fuzzy Sets and Fuzzy Logic
    4.10 Degree-theoretic Treatments of the Sorites1 Paradoxes
    4.11 Comparatives and Modifiers
    4.12 Vague Degrees of Truth
    4.13 Non-numerical Degrees of Truth
    4.14 Degree-functionality
    4.15 Appendix: Axiomatizations of Continuum-valued Logic

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