A Review of Jeffrey Gray’s 'Consciousness: Creeping up on the Hard Problem'
Biggs (Stephen)
Source: Psyche 11 (2), March 2005
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    Jeffrey Gray’s Consciousness: Creeping up on the Hard Problem will be enjoyed by everyone interested in consciousness. Gray, a neuropsychologist, eloquently summarizes significant experimental results on consciousness and, more importantly, explains both how these results interrelate and how they constrain potential theories of consciousness. He also uses these results to build a novel, fascinating theory of what consciousness does and does not do. Throughout the work Gray’s accessible presentation remains deeply respectful of psychologists, neuroscientists, and philosophers’ approaches to consciousness. In this respect, Gray’s book is an ideal work for an interdisciplinary audience. Sadly, Gray died three months before the publication of this excellent work.


Review of "Gray (Jeffrey) - Consciousness: Creeping up on the Hard Problem"; see Link.

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