Objections to Evolution
Alexander (Denis)
Source: Alexander (Denis) - Creation or Evolution: Do We Have to Choose? Chapter 6
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  1. Evolution1 is a Chance Process and this is Incompatible with the God of the Bible Bringing About His Purposeful Plan of Creation”
  2. “The Theory of Evolution2 is not Truly Scientific because it does not Involve Repeatable Experiments in the Laboratory”
  3. Evolution3 Runs Counter to the Second Law of Thermodynamics”
  4. “Perhaps God Makes Things Look Old, Although in Reality they are Much Younger, in Order to Test Our Faith”
  5. “What Use is Half an Eye?”
    • Figure: Eyes in Living Molluscs
  6. “Surely if Evolution4 were True, God would have Simply Told us So in His Word so that we don’t need to have all this Discussion?”
  7. “Perhaps God made the Original Kinds by Special Acts of Creation which then Underwent Rapid Evolution5 to Generate the Species Diversity we See Today?”

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