Who were Adam and Eve? The Background
Alexander (Denis)
Source: Alexander (Denis) - Creation or Evolution: Do We Have to Choose? Chapter 9
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Section Headings

  1. Adam and Eve in their Biblical Context
    • Adam as Humankind
    • Adam as ‘the Man’ and as a Personal Name
    • The Creation of Woman
    • Adam and Eve in the Rest of Scripture
  2. Human Evolution1 – the Genetics
    • Pseudogenes
    • Transposable Elements
    • Figure: Time of Alu Insertion into Primate DNA
    • Figure: Precise Insertion Site in the Genomes of the Species Involved
    • Retroviral Insertions
    • Chromosome Fusions
    • Figure: A Pair of Human Chromosomes Joined at the Region Known as the Centromere
    • Figure: Telomeric Fusion
  3. Is God a Deceiver?

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