Who were Adam and Eve? Genesis and Science in Conversation
Alexander (Denis)
Source: Alexander (Denis) - Creation or Evolution: Do We Have to Choose? Chapter 10
Paper - Abstract

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Section Headings

  1. Human Evolution1 – the Big Picture
    • Figure: The Evolutionary2 History of Homo Sapiens over the Past 7 Million Years
    • The Neanderthals
    • Homo Sapiens
    • Figure: The Way in which our Mitochondrial DNA is Inherited from a Single Woman, the So-Called ‘Mitochondrial Eve’
    • The Cultural Development of Homo Sapiens
    • The Development of Language
    • Figure: The Estimated Levels of Intentionality that may Relate to the Hominid Ancestors of Homo Sapiens Based on the Size of the Frontal Lobes of Fossil Hominids as Measured From Cranial Volumes
    • The Neolithic Era
  2. Are Humans Still Evolving?
  3. Adam, Eve and Evolution3
    • Model A: No connection between the theological and biological narratives. Genesis 1-2 is a myth, in the technical sense. Quite when the first “spiritually alive” humans came into existence is unknowable.
    • Model B: A gradualist view. Humans became aware of God gradually, presumably in Africa. Genesis 1-2 is still a myth, but refers to real events, though not in the Middle East.
    • Model C: God chose a couple of Neolithic farmers in the Near East. The first couple (or community) have been called homo divinus by supporters of this view. Adam is the federal head of the whole of humanity alive at that time. All humankind are made in God’s image, but God chose two to reveal himself to.
    • Model D: Old-earth creationism. While the earth is genuinely old, God has intervened periodically in a miraculous way during evolutionary4 history (eg. to create the genetic code, the first cells, the primary kinds, humankind …). In particular there is a discontinuity between Adam and Eve (who were literally created out of the dust of the earth) and all other living things.
    • Model E: Young-earth creationism – a very literal interpretation of the Genesis text.
  4. Comparing the Models: Model C is Alexander’s preferred model. Models A-B are insufficiently close to Genesis, and Models D-E contradict scientific findings.

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