Evolution – Intelligent and Designed?
Alexander (Denis)
Source: Alexander (Denis) - Creation or Evolution: Do We Have to Choose? Chapter 15
Paper - Abstract

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Section Headings

  1. The Meanings of Design
    • The First Problem – Argument from Ignorance
    • The Second Problem – Category Error
    • The Third Problem – the Nature and Identity of the Designer
  2. ID and Naturalism
  3. Is Evolution1 Designed?
  4. Intelligent Evolution2
    • Figure: The Dotted Lines in the Four Panels a–d Illustrate the Various Ways in Which an Enzyme can Evolve to Achieve Optimal Fitness for a Particular Task
    • Figure: Evolutionary3 Convergence in the Sabre Tooth between the Marsupial Species and the Placental Cat
    • Figure: The World of Genomic ‘Design Space’

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