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THE EARLY CHRISTIANS AND THEIR LITERATURE - 1<ul type="disc">& Box 1.1 The Canon of Scripture - 2<li>The Diversity of Early Christianity - 2<BR>& ... Box 1.2 The Hebrew Bible and the Christian Old Testament - 4 </li><li>The New Testament Canon of Scripture - 8<BR>& ... Box 1.3 The Common Era and Before the Common Era - 9<BR>& ... Box 1.4 The Layout of the New Testament - 10<BR>& ... Box 1.5 The New Testament: One Other Set of Problems - 12 </li><li>Implications for Our Study - 13<BR>& ... Box 1.6 The New Testament Canon - 15</li><li>Excursus: Some Additional Reflections: The Historian and the Believer - 15</li></ul></li><li>THE WORLD OF EARLY CHRISTIAN TRADITIONS - 18 <ul type="disc"><li>The Problem of Beginnings - 18</li><li>One Remarkable Life - 19<BR>... Box 2.1 Pagan and Gentile - 20<BR>... Box 2.2 The Greco-Roman World - 21<BR>The Environment of the New Testament: Religions in the Greco-Roman World - 23 <BR>... Box 2.3 The Roman Empire - 28<BR>... Box 2.4 Divine Rulers as Savior Gods - 30<BR>... Box 2.5 Christianity as a Mystery Cult - 34</li><li>Judaism as a Greco-Roman Religion - 35<BR>... Box 2.6 The Septuagint: The Hebrew Bible in Greek - 38 <BR>... Box 2.7 Women in the Synagogues - 43<BR>... Box 2.8 Other Jewish Miracle-Working Sons of God - 44 <BR>... Box 2.9 The World of Early Christianity - 45</li></ul></li><li>THE TRADITIONS OF JESUS IN THEIR GRECO-ROMAN CONTEXT - 48<ul type="disc"><li>Oral Traditions behind the Gospels - 49<BR>& Box 3.1 Orality and Literacy in the Ancient World - 54 <BR>... Box 3.2 Mark and John on the Time of Jesus' Death - 57 <BR>... Box 3.3 The Traditions of Jesus - 58</li><li>Some Additional Reflections: The Authors of the Gospels - 58</li></ul></li><li>THE CHRISTIAN GOSPELS: A LITERARY AND HISTORICAL INTRODUCTION - 61<ul type="disc"><li>The Question of Genre - 62</li><li>Biography as a Greco-Roman Genre - 62<BR>... Box 4.1 Plutarch on Biography - 63</li><li>The Gospels as Ancient Biographies - 64</li><li>... Box 4.2 The Christian Gospels - 65</li></ul></li><li>JESUS, THE SUFFERING SON OF GOD: THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO MARK - 67<ul type="disc"><li>The Beginning of the Gospel: Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God Who Fulfils the Scripture - 68<BR>... Box 5.1 The Jewish Messiah - 68 </li><li>Jesus the Authoritative Son of God - 70 </li><li>Jesus the Opposed Son of God - 71<BR>... Box 5.2 Jewish Scribes, Pharisees, Herodians, Sadducees, and Chief Priests - 71<BR>... Box 5.3 Jesus' Opponents in Mark - 72 </li><li>Jesus the Misunderstood Son of God - 74 </li><li>Jesus the Acknowledged Son of God - 74<BR>... Box 5.4 The Messianic Secret in Mark - 75 </li><li>Jesus the Suffering Son of God - 76<BR>... Box 5.5 Son of God and Son of Man - 77</li><li>Jesus the Crucified Son of God - 78<BR>... Box 5.6 The Charge of Blasphemy according to Mark - 79 </li><li>Jesus the Vindicated Son of God - 79</li><li>Conclusion: Mark and His Readers - 80<BR>... Box 5.7 The Gospel of Mark - 82</li></ul></li><li>THE SYNOPTIC PROBLEM AND ITS SIGNIFICANCE FOR INTERPRETATION - 83<ul type="disc"><li>Methods for Studying the Gospels - 83</li><li>The Synoptic Problem - 84<BR>... Box 6.1 Ironing Out the Problems: One Potential Difficulty in Mark's Account - 87<BR>... Box 6.2 The Contents of Q - 88</li><li>The Methodological Significance of the Four-Source Hypothesis - 89<BR>... Box 6.3 The Synoptic Problem 90</li></ul></li><li>JESUS, THE JEWISH MESSIAH: THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO MATTHEW - 92<ul type="disc"><li>The Importance of Beginnings: Jesus the Jewish Messiah in Fulfilment of the Jewish Scriptures - 93<BR>... Box 7.1 Matthew's Scheme of Fourteen - 95<BR>... Box 7.2 The Women in Matthew's Genealogy - 97</li><li>Jesus and His Forerunner from Matthew's Perspective - 98</li><li>The Portrayal of Jesus in Matthew: The Sermon on the Mount as a Springboard - 100<BR>... Box 7.3 The Golden Rule - 103</li><li>Jesus and the Jewish Cultic Practices Prescribed by the Law - 104</li><li>Jesus Rejected by the Jewish Leaders - 105<BR>... Box 7.4 Gentiles in Matthew's Community - 106</li><li>Matthew and His Readers - 108<BR>... Box 7.5 Was Matthew a Jew? - 109<BR>... Box 7.6 Matthew 110</li></ul></li><li>JESUS, THE SAVIOR OF THE WORLD: THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO LUKE - 112<ul type="disc"><li>The Comparative Method and the Gospel of Luke - 113 </li><li>A Comparative Overview of the Gospel - 114</li><li>The Preface to Luke's Gospel - 114<BR>... Box 8.1 Apologetic Literature in Early Christianity - 116</li><li>Luke's Birth Narrative in Comparative Perspective - 117<BR>... Box 8.2 Historical Problems with Luke's Birth Narrative - 118 <BR>... Box 8.3 The Virginal Conception in Matthew and Luke - 119</li><li>From Jew to Gentile: Luke's Portrayal of Jesus the Rejected Prophet - 122</li><li>Luke's Distinctive Emphases throughout His Gospel - 123 <BR>... Box 8.4 Jesus' Bloody Sweat in Luke - 124<BR>... Box 8.5 Jesus as a Righteous Martyr - 125<BR>... Box 8.6 The Institution of the Lord's Supper in Luke - 128 </li><li>Conclusion: Luke in Comparative Perspective - 129<BR>... Box 8.7 Luke 130</li></ul></li><li>LUKE'S SECOND VOLUME: THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES 132<ul type="disc"><li>The Genre of Acts and Its Significance - 133<BR>... Box 9.1 The Book of Acts: An Ancient Novel? - 134 </li><li>The Thematic Approach to Acts - 135</li><li>From Gospel to Acts: The Opening Transition - 135 <BR>... Box 9.2 Luke's Mysterious Two Men - 137 <BR>... Box 9.3 Luke's Artistry as a Storyteller 1 - 138 <BR>... Box 9.4 Luke's Artistry as a Storyteller 2 - 139</li><li>Themes in the Speeches in Acts - 139<BR>... Box 9.5 The Death of Judas - 141<BR>... Box 9.6 Christianity before Paul - 147<BR>... Box 9.7 The Book of Acts - 148</li><li>Excursus: The Author of Luke-Acts and His Audience - 149 </li><li>Conclusion: The Author and His Themes in Context - 151</li></ul></li><li>JESUS, THE MAN SENT FROM HEAVEN: THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO JOHN - 154<ul type="disc"><li>The Gospel of John from a Literary-Historical Perspective - 155 <BR>... Box 10.1 Jesus' Signs in the Fourth Gospel - 156<BR>... Box 10.2 "The Jews" in the Fourth Gospel - 157</li><li>The Gospel of John from a Thematic Perspective - 158 </li><li>The Gospel of John from a Comparative Perspective - 158<BR>... Box 10.3 Signs and Faith in the Fourth Gospel - 161<BR>... Box 10.4 Jesus and the "I Am" Sayings in John - 162</li><li>The Gospel of John from a Redactional Perspective - 163</li><li>The Socio-Historical Method - 167<BR>... Box 10.5 The Death of the Beloved Disciple in the Johannine Community - 167 </li><li>The Gospel of John from a Socio-Historical Perspective - 168<BR>... Box 10.6 John's De-Apocalypticized Gospel - 173</li><li>The Author of the Fourth Gospel - 174<BR>... Box 10.7 The Gospel of John - 174</li></ul></li><li>FROM JOHN'S JESUS TO THE GNOSTIC CHRIST: THE JOHANNINE EPISTLES AND BEYOND 176<ul type="disc"><li>The Questions of Genre and Author - 177<BR>... Box 11.1 A Letter from Greco-Roman Egypt - 178</li><li>The New Testament Epistolary Literature and the Contextual Method - 179 <BR>... Box 11.2 The Gospel and Epistles of John: Some Thematic Similarities - 180 </li><li>The Johannine Epistles from a Contextual Perspective - 181</li><li>Reflections on the Contextual Method - 183<BR>... Box 11.3 House Churches in Early Christianity - 184<BR>... Box 11.4 The Johannine Epistles - 185</li><li>Beyond the Johannine Community: The Rise of Christian Gnosticism - 185 <BR>... Box 11.5 How Do You Know a Gnostic When You See One? - 188 <BR>... Box 11.6 Gnostics and the Jewish Scriptures - 190</li><li>Gnostics and the Johannine Community - 192<BR>... Box 11.7 Gnosticism 193</li></ul></li><li>JESUS FROM DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES: OTHER GOSPELS IN EARLY CHRISTIANITY - 195<ul type="disc"><li>Narrative Gospels - 196<BR>... Box 12.1 The Gospel of the Ebionites and Early Gospel Harmonies - 198</li><li>Sayings Gospels - 201<BR>... Box 12.2 Judas Thomas as Jesus' Twin Brother - 202<BR>... Box 12.3 The Older Sayings of the Gospel of Thomas - 205</li><li>Infancy Gospels - 207</li><li>Conclusion: The Other Gospels - 208<BR>... Box 12.4 The Other Gospels - 208</li></ul></li><li>THE HISTORICAL JESUS: SOURCES, PROBLEMS, AND METHODS - 210<ul type="disc"><li>Problems with Sources - 211</li><li>Non-Christian Sources - 211<BR>... Box 13.1 Christianity as a Superstition in the Roman World - 213 <BR>... Box 13.2 The Testimony of Flavius Josephus - 214</li><li>Christian Sources - 215</li><li>Using Our Sources: Some of the Basic Rules of Thumb - 217 </li><li>Specific Criteria and Their Rationale - 218<BR>... Box 13.3 Aramaisms as a Criterion of Authenticity - 219 </li><li>Conclusion: Reconstructing the Life of Jesus - 223<BR>... Box 13.4 The Sources for the Historical Jesus - 223</li></ul></li><li>EXCURSUS: THE HISTORIAN AND THE PROBLEM OF MIRACLE - 225<ul type="disc"><li>Miracles in the Modern World and in Antiquity - 226 </li><li>The Historian and Historical Method - 227<BR>... Box 14.1 The Problem of Miracles - 229</li></ul></li><li>JESUS IN CONTEXT 231<ul type="disc"><li>Political Crises in Palestine and Their Ramifications - 232<BR>... Box 15.1 Flavius Josephus - 233</li><li>The Formation of Jewish Sects - 235<BR>... Box 15.2 Divine Revelation in the Dead Sea Scrolls - 238</li><li>Popular Modes of Resistance to Oppression - 241</li><li>An Ideology of Resistance - 244<BR>... Box 15.3 Prophecy and Apocalypticism - 247</li><li>Jesus in His Apocalyptic Context - 248<BR>... Box 15.4 First-Century Palestinian Judaism - 248</li></ul></li><li>JESUS, THE APOCALYPTIC PROPHET - 250<ul type="disc"><li>Considering the Rules of Thumb - 250 </li><li>Considering the Specific Criteria - 251<BR>... Box 16.1 O Little Town of Nazareth - 252<BR>... Box 16.2 Jesus of Sepphoris? - 254</li><li>The Beginning and End as Keys to the Middle - 255</li><li>The Apocalyptic Deeds of Jesus - 256<BR>... Box 16.3 Explaining Away the Apocalyptic Traditions: Seeking the Lost - 257 <BR>... Box 16.4 Explaining Away the Apocalyptic Traditions: Setting a Date - 258<BR>... Box 16.5 Was Jesus a Cynic Philosopher? - 259<BR>... Box 16.6 The Temple Incident as an Enacted Parable - 260 <BR>... Box 16.7 Another Apocalyptic Jesus - 263</li><li>The Apocalyptic Teachings of Jesus - 264<BR>... Box 16.8 The Cosmic Deliverer of Israel - 267<BR>... Box 16.9 Jesus and "Family Values" - 269</li><li>The Apocalyptic Death of Jesus - 270<BR>... Box 16.10 Jesus and Judas, the Betrayer - 272<BR>... Box 16.11 Jesus the Apocalyptic Prophet - 272</li></ul></li><li>FROM JESUS TO THE GOSPELS - 274 <ul type="disc"><li>The Beginning of Christianity - 275</li><li>Jesus' Resurrection from an Apocalyptic Perspective - 276<BR>... Box 17.1 The Women and the Empty Tomb - 277<BR>... Box 17.2 Jesus, the Messiah, and the Resurrection - 278 </li><li>Jesus' Death, according to the Scriptures - 279</li><li>The Emergence of Different Understandings of Jesus - 280<BR>... Box 17.3 Vicarious Suffering in Jewish Martyrologies and Other Greco-Roman Literature - 281<BR>... Box 17.4 From Jesus to the Gospels - 283</li></ul></li><li>PAUL THE APOSTLE: THE MAN AND HIS MISSION - 285 <ul type="disc"><li>The Study of Paul: Methodological Difficulties - 286<BR>... Box 18.1 The Pauline Corpus - 287<BR>... Box 18.2 Other Sources for the Life of Paul - 290</li><li>The Life of Paul - 291<BR>... Box 18.3 Paul on the Road to Damascus - 295<BR>... Box 18.4 Paul and His Mission - 300</li></ul></li><li>PAUL AND HIS APOSTOLIC MISSION: 1 THESSALONIANS AS A TEST CASE - 302<ul type="disc"><li>The Founding of the Church in Thessalonica - 303</li><li>The Beginnings of the Thessalonian Church: A Socio-Historical Perspective - 308 <BR>... Box 19.1 Rules for a Private Association - 310</li><li>The Church at Thessalonica after Paul's Departure - 311<BR>... Box 19.2 Christians Maligned as Perverts and Criminals - 313<BR>... Box 19.3 The Thessalonians' Perplexity - 314</li><li>Conclusion: Paul the Apostle - 314<BR>... Box 19.4 Thessalonians - 315</li></ul></li><li>PAUL AND THE CRISES OF HIS CHURCHES: 1 AND 2 CORINTHIANS, GALATIANS, PHILIPPIANS, AND PHILEMON - 316<ul type="disc"><li>1 Corinthians - 316<BR>... Box 20.1 Possibilities of Existence in the <a name="1"></a><A HREF="../../Notes/Notes_9/Notes_978.htm">Afterlife</A><SUP>1</SUP> - 323 <BR>... Box 20.2 1 Corinthians - 326</li><li>2 Corinthians - 326<BR>... Box 20.3 The Partitioning of 2 Corinthians - 329<BR>... Box 20.4 2 Corinthians - 331</li><li>Galatians - 331<BR>... Box 20.5 The Logic of the Opponents' Position in Galatia - 334<BR>... Box 20.6 Cephas and Peter - 335<BR>... Box 20.7 Why Does Paul Appeal to the Law to Dispute This View of the Law? - 336<BR>... Box 20.8 Galatians - 339</li><li>Philippians - 340<BR>... Box 20.9 The Christ Hymn of Philippians - 342 <BR>... Box 20.10 Was Paul Contemplating Suicide? - 343 <BR>... Box 20.11 Philippians - 344</li><li>Philemon - 344<BR>... Box 20.12 Philemon - 347</li></ul></li><li>THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO PAUL: THE LETTER TO THE ROMANS - 348<ul type="disc"><li>The Occasion and Purpose of the Letter - 349<BR>... Box 21.1 The Beginnings of the Roman Church - 350 </li><li>The Theme of the Epistle - 351<BR>... Box 21.2 Paul's Gospel to the Romans - 352 </li><li>Pauline Models for Salvation - 353<BR>... Box 21.3 Two Different Ways of Salvation in Paul? - 354<BR>... Box 21.4 Judicial and Participationist Models of Salvation in Paul - 357</li><li>The Flow of Paul's Argument - 358<BR>... Box 21.5 Other Models of Salvation in Paul - 359 </li><li>Conclusion: Paul and the Romans - 360<BR>... Box 21.6 Romans - 360</li></ul></li><li>DOES THE TRADITION MISCARRY? PAUL IN RELATION TO JESUS, JAMES, THECLA, AND THEUDAS - 362<ul type="disc"><li>Paul in Relation to What Came Before - 363<BR>... Box 22.1 Jesus and Paul: Some of the Similarities - 365 <BR>... Box 22.2 Jesus and Paul: Some of the Differences - 366 </li><li>Paul in Relation to What Came After - 367</li><li>Conclusion: Pauline Christianities - 370<BR>... Box 22.3 Paul in Relation to What Came Before and After - 371</li></ul></li><li>IN THE WAKE OF THE APOSTLE: THE DEUTERO-PAULINE AND PASTORAL EPISTLES - 372<ul type="disc"><li>Pseudonymity in the Ancient World - 373<BR>... Box 23.1 Paul's Third Letter to the Corinthians - 374</li><li>The Deutero-Pauline Epistles - 376<BR>... Box 23.2 The Resurrection of Believers in Paul and Colossians - 379 <BR>... Box 23.3 The "Household Rules" in Colossians and Ephesians - 380 <BR>... Box 23.4 The Vocabulary of Salvation in Paul and Ephesians - 383 <BR>... Box 23.5 The Deutero-Pauline Epistles - 385</li><li>The Pastoral Epistles - 385</li><li>The Historical Situation and Authorship of the Pastoral Epistles - 388 <BR>... Box 23.6 Church Hierarchy in Ignatius - 392</li><li>Conclusion: The Post-Pauline Pastoral Epistles - 393<BR>... Box 23.7 The Pastoral Epistles - 394</li></ul></li><li>FROM PAUL'S FEMALE COLLEAGUES TO THE PASTOR'S INTIMIDATED WOMEN: THE OPPRESSION OF WOMEN IN EARLY CHRISTIANITY - 395<ul type="disc"><li>Women in Paul's Churches - 396</li><li>Women Associated with Jesus - 397<BR>... Box 24.1 Mary Magdalane - 398</li><li>Paul's Understanding of Women in the Church - 400</li><li>Women in the Aftermath of Paul - 401<BR>... Box 24.2 Similarities between 1 Tim 2:11-15 and 1 Cor 14:34-35 - 402 </li><li>Ancient Ideologies of Gender - 403</li><li>Gender Ideology and the Pauline Churches - 405<BR>... Box 24.3 Women in Early Christianity - 406</li></ul></li><li>CHRISTIANS AND JEWS: HEBREWS, BARNABAS, AND LATER ANTI-JEWISH LITERATURE - 408<ul type="disc"><li>Early Christian Self-Definition - 409<BR>... Box 25.1 Early and Diverging Views of Christians and Jews - 410 </li><li>Continuity and Superiority: The Epistle to the Hebrews - 411 <BR>... Box 25.2 Divergent Views of Christ in Hebrews - 413<BR>... Box 25.3 Hebrews - 417</li><li>Discontinuity and Supremacy: The Epistle of Barnabas - 418 <BR>... Box 25.4 Six Thousand Years and Counting - 420<BR>... Box 25.5 Gematria in Early Christianity - 421<BR>... Box 25.6 The Epistle of Barnabas - 421</li><li>Conclusion: The Rise of Christian Anti-Judaism - 422<BR>... Box 25.7 Melito's Passover Sermon - 424</li></ul></li><li>CHRISTIANS AND PAGANS: 1 PETER, THE LETTERS OF IGNATIUS, THE MARTYRDOM OF POLYCARP, AND LATER APOLOGETIC LITERATURE - 426<ul type="disc"><li>The Persecution of the Early Christians - 426<BR>... Box 26.1 The Christian Disruption of the Family: The Case of Perpetua - 429 </li><li>Christians in a Hostile World: The Letter of 1 Peter - 431<BR>... Box 26.2 The Spread of Christianity - 432<BR>... Box 26.3 1 Peter - 436</li><li>Christians Sentenced to Death: The Letters of Ignatius - 436 <BR>... Box 26.4 An Alternative View of Christian Martyrdom - 438 <BR>... Box 26.5 The Letters of Ignatius - 440</li><li>Christians before the Tribunal: The Martyrdom of Polycarp - 440 <BR>... Box 26.6 The Martyrdom of Polycarp - 441</li><li>Christians on the Defense: The Later Apologetic Literature - 442</li></ul></li><li>CHRISTIANS AND CHRISTIANS: JAMES, THE DIDACHE, POLYCARP, 1 CLEMENT, JUDE, AND 2 PETER - 445<ul type="disc"><li>The Epistle of James - 446</li><li>The Didache - 447<BR>... Box 27.1 The Development of the Lord's Prayer - 449 </li><li>Polycarp's Letter to the Philippians - 450<BR>... Box 27.2 Polycarp and the Early Christian Tradition - 452</li><li>1 Clement - 453<BR>... Box 27.3 Birds Raised from the Dead and Other Problems in the Corinthian Church - 455</li><li>Jude - 455</li><li>2 Peter - 456<BR>... Box 27.4 Peter, the Smoked Tuna, and the Flying Heretic - 457 </li><li>Conclusion: Conflicts within the Early Christian Communities - 458 <BR>... Box 27.5 Christian Internal Conflicts - 459</li></ul></li><li>CHRISTIANS AND THE COSMOS: THE REVELATION OF JOHN, THE SHEPHERD OF HERMAS, AND THE APOCALYPSE OF PETER - 461<ul type="disc"><li>Introduction: The End of the World and the Revelation of John - 461 </li><li>The Content and Structure of the Book of Revelation - 462 </li><li>The Book of Revelation from a Historical Perspective - 464 </li><li>Apocalyptic Worldviews and Apocalypse Genre - 464<BR>... Box 28.1 The Book of Revelation as Underground Literature - 466 <BR>... Box 28.2 The Author of Revelation in the Early Church - 467 </li><li>The Revelation of John in Historical Context - 468<BR>... Box 28.3 Futuristic Interpretations of the Book of Revelation - 471 <BR>... Box 28.4 The Book of Revelation - 474</li><li>The Shepherd of Hermas - 474<BR>... Box 28.5 The Shepherd of Hermas and the Muratorian Canon - 475 </li><li>The Apocalypse of Peter - 476</li></ul></li><li>EPILOGUE: DO WE HAVE THE ORIGINAL NEW TESTAMENT? - 479<ul type="disc"><li>The Manuscripts of the New Testament - 479</li><li>Changes in the New Testament Text - 481<BR>... Box 29.1 Citing Chapter and Verse - 482<BR>... Box 29.2 Women in the Manuscript Tradition of the New Testament - 484 </li><li>Criteria for Establishing the Original Text - 485</li><li>Conclusion: The Original Text of the New Testament - 487<BR>... Box 29.3 The Text of the New Testament - 488</li></ul></li></ol>MAPS, TIME LINES, AND DIAGRAMS<ol type="1"><li>MAPS<ul type="disc"><li>Frontmatter - The Roman Empire: Central and Eastern Provinces - xxxiv</li><li>Figure 2.2 - The Journeys of Alexander the Great - 22</li><li>Figure 2.7 - The Spread of Roman Rule - 32</li><li>Figure 3.2 - Christian Churches in Existence by 100 C.E. - 50</li><li>Figure 5.2 - Palestine in New Testament Times - 73</li><li>Figure 9.1 - Paul's Missionary Journeys according to the Book of Acts - 136</li><li>Figure 16.1 - Jerusalem in the First Century C.E. - 261</li><li>Figure 18.2 - Places Associated with Paul in the New Testament - 297</li><li>Figure 20.5 - The Roman Province of Galatia in the Midst of Asia Minor - 332</li><li>Figure 26.1 - The Distribution of Christianity by 300 C.E. - 435</li><li>Figure 28.1 - The Seven Churches of Asia Minor - 462</li></ul></li><li>TIME LINES AND DIAGRAMS<ul type="disc"><li>Frontmatter - Master Time Line - xxxi</li><li>Figure 2.3 - The Divine Pyramid - 24</li><li>Figure 2.9 - Time Line of Keys Events in Hellenistic and Roman Times - 35</li><li>Figure 3.1 - Time Line of the Early Christian Movement - 49</li><li>Figure 6.1 - The Four-Source Hypothesis - 85</li><li>Figure 10.3 - Sources in the Farewell Discourse - 166</li><li>Figure 15.2 - Time Line of Key Events in the History of Palestine - 235</li></ul></li></ol></FONT><FONT COLOR = "0000FF"><HR></P><a name="ColourConventions"></a><p><b>Text Colour Conventions (see <A HREF="../../Notes/Notes_10/Notes_1025.htm">disclaimer</a>)</b></p><OL TYPE="1"><LI><FONT COLOR = "0000FF">Blue</FONT>: Text by me; &copy; Theo Todman, 2018</li><LI><FONT COLOR = "800080">Mauve</FONT>: Text by correspondent(s) or other author(s); &copy; the author(s)</li></OL> <BR><HR><BR><CENTER> <TABLE class = "Bridge" WIDTH=950> <TR><TD WIDTH="30%">&copy; Theo Todman, June 2007 - August 2018.</TD> <TD WIDTH="40%">Please address any comments on this page to <A HREF="mailto:theo@theotodman.com">theo@theotodman.com</A>.</TD> <TD WIDTH="30%">File output: <time datetime="2018-08-02T08:16" pubdate>02/08/2018 08:16:18</time> <br><A HREF="../../Notes/Notes_10/Notes_1010.htm">Website Maintenance Dashboard</A></TD></TR> <TD WIDTH="30%"><A HREF="#Top">Return to Top of this Page</A></TD> <TD WIDTH="40%"><A HREF="../../Notes/Notes_11/Notes_1140.htm">Return to Theo Todman's Philosophy Page</A></TD> <TD WIDTH="30%"><A HREF="../../index.htm">Return to Theo Todman's Home Page</A></TD> </TR></TABLE></CENTER><HR> </BODY> </HTML>