The Motivated Mind: How to get what you want from life
Persaud (Raj)
Source: Persaud (Raj) - The Motivated Mind: How to get what you want from life
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Until I read the book, the following summary of the key points from an Amazon reviewer is useful:-

  1. Oscar winning actors live longer than actors who were merely nominated. Multiple winners live longer than one time winners
  2. People who are less afraid of failing or what other people will think about them are more likely to succeed
  3. After marriage scientists become less productive than before marriage and unmarried scientists are much more productive than married ones! People who achieve success often get it because they focus more on those things but also they lose out on other parts of life
  4. People can actually predict certain aspects of the personality by looking at faces
  5. People fall in love with people who look like themselves. Perhaps they are falling in love with themselves.
  6. Visualising your perfect day may be a better way of figuring out what you should be doing in your life than simply asking yourself what your mission is because quite often we have been brainwashed by events and society to say that we want to do something (become a CEO, climb a mountain) when actually we just can't motivate ourselves to do it because we subconsciously long to do something else.
  7. Most people don't follow on their resolutions due to vague wordings and not moving temptations from their daily routine
  8. Countries where there is no state social security have higher happiness levels because it forces them to maintain relationships with family despite petty differences and those relationships lead to a more connected sense of being
  9. The biggest contributor of stress at work is if you have to display emotions you don't actually feel inside
  10. We display different levels of dominance in our relationships and work but at all times we are engaged in trying to manipulate others, even those we love
  11. If you fantasise about what you're going to do when you achieve your dreams you are less likely to achieve them because if you experience the joys now the motivation is actually less. More productive is if you focus on what you need to get there.
  12. Everything you are forced to do is work. Everything else is play. Trick to motivating others is to make work play.
  13. Trying to incentivise people to do something quite often makes people less motivated to do the task itself and more focused on just getting as much as they can get out of the job?
  14. Making people do two fun tasks together makes both less enjoyable. Doing two hateful things together makes them both enjoyable!
  15. IQ1 is often inversely related to practical intelligence! The smarter you are the less likely it is that you will be effective according to some recent research!
  16. Research shows that for doctors the 8 biggest predictors of success are: dominance, tolerance, sociability, self-acceptance, wellbeing, responsibility, conformance and independence (because you need to both stand out and fit it to become successful)
  17. People who take responsibility for failures and hand credit to others when successful are more likely to achieve more
  18. Materialists are likely to be insecure about their own self worth
  19. Control freaks try to control more than they possibly can when stressed and therefore lose even more control resulting in a vicious circle in crises
  20. Procrastinators are often people who are very good at accelerating up at the last minute and so are not lazy as such but binge workers who end up working in cycles of hard work and very little work
  21. Women are more attracted to brave men compared to considerate men! That's why they quite often go for the lovable rogue.
  22. Putting yourself in dangerous situations is good for character development
  23. Men get obsessive when stressed. Women are more depressed (twice as much) on average as men
  24. Narcissistic people with higher self-esteem than average make a good first impression due to their acceptance of themselves but later they become annoying and come across as arrogant
  25. Groundhog day is a great movie for the lesson it contains - live each day as if you would spend the rest of your life watching it again and again - would it be pleasurable or a horror?

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