All the Way Down: Beliefs, Non-Beliefs and Disbeliefs
Rott (Hans)
Source: Huber (Franz) & Schmidt-Petri (Christoph) - Degrees of Belief, Part III
Paper - Abstract

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  1. Introduction
  2. Degrees of Beliefs
    • 2.1 Entrenchment Relations
    • 2.2 Entrenchment Ranking Functions
    • 2.3 Entrenchment Functions and Relations
  3. Degrees of Disbeliefs
    • 3.1 Plausibility Relations
    • 3.2 Plausibility Ranking Functions
    • 3.3 Plausibility Functions and Plausibility Relations
  4. Combining Degrees of Belief and Degrees of Disbelief
    • 4.1 Rabinowicz’ Likelihood Relations
    • 4.2 Spohnian Beta Functions
    • 4.3 Spohnian Beta Functions and Rabinowicz’ Likelihood Relations
  5. Degrees for Non-Beliefs: Expectations, Disexpectations and Non-expectations
    • 5.1 Relations for Non-Beliefs
    • 5.2 Functions for Non-Beliefs
  6. Combining Degrees of Beliefs and Disbeliefs with Degrees of Non-Beliefs
    • 6.1 Combining Relations for Beliefs and Disbeliefs with Relations for Non-Beliefs
    • 6.2 Combining Functions for Beliefs and Disbeliefs with Functions for Non-Beliefs
  7. Levi on Degrees of Beliefs and Degrees of Incorrigibility
  8. Conclusion: Elusive Belief
  9. Appendix I: Some Proofs – a Few Little Lemmas for Likelihood Relations
  10. Appendix II: The Modal Logic1 of Plain Belief as Implicit in the Logic of Entrenchment Relations and Functions

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