The Ambiguity of ‘In Here / Out There’ Talk: In What Sense Is Perception ‘Out in the World’?
Ellis (Ralph D.)
Source: Journal of Consciousness Studies, Volume 12, Number 6, 2005 , pp. 82-87(6)
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  1. Sheldrake presents evidence that subjects have a slight but significant ability to detect being looked at, even when they apparently cannot ‘see’ the person looking at them in any traditionally understood scientific sense of ‘see’. I shall leave to others the critique of his methodology, and focus on the implications of his findings.
  2. Sheldrake rejects several alternative explanations, offering instead a theory that there are perceptual fields that extend ‘outside the head’.
  3. I argue that we do not need to descend to the quantum level, or abandon traditional accounts of perception, in order to accommodate the findings. The idea of perceptual fields, while possibly true, is not necessarily entailed by the phenomenon of awareness of being looked at.

  1. ‘Representations in the Head’ and Perceptual Fields
  2. The Realm of Alternative Explanations


Part of Open Peer Commentary on ‘The Sense of Being Stared At’ Parts 1 & 2

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