Backwardly wired retina “an optimal structure”: New eye discovery further demolishes Dawkins
Sarfati (Jonathan)
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  1. From Greatest Hoax?: Backwardly-wired retina?
  2. Regenerating photoreceptors
  3. Are squid eyes ‘properly’ wired?
  4. Fibre optic plate
  5. Blind spot
  6. Signal processing
  7. Problem for Dawkins’ own just-so story of eye evolution1
  8. New discovery: Müller cells enhance sharpness
  9. Evolutionists2 dogmatically hang on to dud argument

  1. I dislike the triumphalist style on either side of this “debate”, whether Dawkins “…it’s not just bad design, it’s the design of a complete idiot”, or Sarfati’s references to “hoaxes”.
  2. Dawkins is probably right (though over-confident), and Sarfati probably wrong – in that however well the eye functions, if it was redesigned from scratch, it might be done better.
  3. What mostly worries me about this site is that if (as is alleged) you have to be qualified in the particular sub-discipline (in this case ophthalmology) before you can join the debate, then how are those without such qualifications to get involved? No-one is qualified in all relevant sub-disciplines (especially the CRS newsletter readers)


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