Five Lectures on the Logic and Metaphysics of Identity
Hossack (Keith)
Source: Hossack - Lecture Handouts
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  1. Leibniz' Law1
  2. Identity across time
  3. Identity across worlds
  4. Vague Identity2
  5. Personal Identity

  1. "Frege (Gottlob) - On Sense and Reference",
  2. "Armstrong (David) - Identity Through Time"
  3. "Shoemaker (Sydney) - Identity, Properties, and Causality",
  4. "Wiggins (David) - Sameness and Substance", Chapters 1-2
  5. "Gibbard (Allan) - Contingent Identity",
  6. "Lewis (David) - Counterparts of Persons and Their Bodies",
  7. "Evans (Gareth) - Can There Be Vague Objects?",
  8. "Williams (Bernard) - The Self and the Future",
  9. "Lewis (David) - Survival and Identity".
Useful books for background reading
  1. "Hirsch (Eli) - The Concept of Identity",
  2. "Van Inwagen (Peter) - Material Beings",
  3. "Noonan (Harold) - Personal Identity",
  4. "Simons (Peter) - Parts: A Study in Ontology" (This is rather difficult but very rewarding),
  5. "Lewis (David) - Parts of Classes" (The discussion of mereology is clear and helpful).

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