Inference, Explanation and Other Philosophical Frustrations: Introduction
Earman (John)
Source: Earman (John), Ed. - Inference, Explanation and Other Philosophical Frustrations
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Author’s Introduction1

  1. The present volume contains papers delivered in the twenty-seventh, twenty- eighth, and twenty-ninth annual Lecture Series (1986-1989) sponsored by the University of Pittsburgh's Center for the Philosophy of Science.
  2. The authors will be immediately recognized as among the leading lights in current philosophy of science. Thus, taken together, the papers provide a good sample of work being done at the frontiers of research in philosophy of science. They illustrate both the contemporary reassessment of our philosophical heritages and also the opening of new directions of investigation.
  3. The brief remarks that follow cannot hope to do justice to the rich and rewarding fare to be found herein but are supposed to serve only as a menu.

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Footnote 1: The residue – the bulk – has been used for the Chapter Abstracts.

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