Kripke’s Proof That We Are All Intuitive Dualists
Papineau (David)
Source: Papineau's Website; Publication forthcoming (as at August 2010)
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Author’s Introduction1

  1. The aim of this paper is to show that we are all in the grip of an intuition of dualism. I shall use Kripke’s argument from Lecture III of Naming and Necessity to establish this. I do not think that Kripke’s argument proves that dualism is true. But I do think that it demonstrates that dualism has us all in its intuitive grip.
  2. In my view the force of Kripke’s argument is little appreciated because it is widely conflated with a significantly different argument, the ‘two-dimensional argument against physicalism’. Kripke’s argument is much better than this two-dimensional argument. It is easy for contemporary physicalists to answer the two-dimensional argument. But Kripke’s original argument calls for a much more complicated response.


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