Modality De Re: Explanations
Plantinga (Alvin)
Source: Plantinga - The Nature of Necessity, Chapter 3; pp. 27-44 (18)
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    I explain modality1 de re in terms of modality2 de dicto because there are those who feel that modality3 de dicto is easier to understand. I argue that the de dicto properties of what I call the kernel proposition can indicate whether x has P essentially. I then provide directions on how to determine the kernel proposition for an object x and a property P. I conclude by addressing some objections. In particular, I argue that my account is not circular despite its reliance on proper names.
  1. The Locus of Necessity – 27
  2. The Kernel Function – 29
  3. Some Objections – 32
    … A. The Kernel Function and Kripke Semantics – 33
    … B. Identity and The Kernel Function – 34
    … C. Circularity and the Kernel Function – 36

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