Resources on William James and 'The Varieties of Religious Experience'
McClaughlin (Flint)
Source: Heythrop MA Philosophy of Religion Handout
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This is basically a collation from a variety of websites related to William James, and in particular to "James (William), Marty (Martin E.) - The Varieties of Religious Experience". There’s no original work by the collator, other than a bit of highlighting:-

  1. Biography: Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy (Stanford: William James)
  2. Chapter Outlines1: Council on Spiritual Practices (Link)
  3. Chapter Summaries: Understanding the Sacred (John C Durham, 2002) (Link)
  4. Other Resources (not printed out in the hand-out):
    • General Resources: all you might ever need – hosted by Emory University (Albert Bandura2Link (Defunct))
    • Another Outline: The link no longer works as the host-site no longer operates for free; but I think it’s mirrored here (Link).

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Footnote 1: Though I’d already scanned these in from the book. But the web-link provides the full text.

Footnote 2: It wasn’t 100% obvious to me that this is the author – as there’s also a link at the bottom to Italo Calvino, who doubtless isn’t the author.

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