Hallucinatory Near-Death Experiences
Augustine (Keith)
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Paper - Abstract

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  1. Out-of-Body1 Discrepancies
    • Veridical Paranormal Perception During OBEs2?
      … Maria's Shoe
      … Pam Reynolds
      … NDEs in the Blind?
      … NDE Target Identification Experiments
    • Psychophysiological Correlates
    • What Are Out-of-Body Experiences3?
  2. Bodily Sensations
  3. Living Persons
  4. Cultural Differences
    … How Consistent Are NDE Features Across Cultures?
  5. Random Memories
    … Is the Temporal Lobe Implicated in NDEs?
  6. Threshold Crossings: Returns From the Point of No Return
    … Who Makes the Decision to Return?
  7. Hallucinatory Imagery
  8. Unfulfilled Predictions: Psychic Inability
  9. Conclusion


See Link; 2003, revised 2008.

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