Review of 'Space, Time, and Spacetime' by Lawrence Sklar
North (J.D.)
Source: Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 25, No. 101 (Oct., 1975), pp. 374-376
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    Taken by and large, the overall impression which Sklar's book makes is that of one of those scholastic treatises categorizing this and that, but only hinting at the ways in which the categories are to be filled. "Once again the reader will have to decide for himself" is the honest admission on p. 294. But the reader will always decide for himself. What he wants is not inconclusive arguments for and against a thesis, but a forceful argument, to accept or reject. Sklar tries to play the gadfly, but in flying (quite competently) from Euclid to Descartes, from Leibniz to Minkowski, or from Hume to Boltzmann, he seldom bites a philosopher. He does, however, cover a great deal of ground, and that in a clear and carefully planned way that undergraduates and others should be able to follow with a minimum of prior scientific knowledge.


Review of "Sklar (Lawrence) - Space, Time and Spacetime"

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