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Form of the Argument
  1. The thesis will present an abductive argument (as in my BA Dissertation “Poverty of Stimulus Arguments for Innate Grammar”), that is, an inference to the best explanation of the data.
  2. That’s why I have to consider so many aspects of the subject, so many thought experiments3 and so much clinical4 data5. Into which story does it all best fit?
  3. I may have to reject some recalcitrant thought experiments as ill-formed, but I do not wish to ignore anything significant.
  4. For some time, I have considered Animalism as the most likely account of what human beings are, and I propose this thesis to evaluate the arguments for and against it, using the rival “Constitution View” as a foil.


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Footnote 2: Footnote 4: I am unsure how much of this I have actually attended to – but it is important to keep it in mind.

Footnote 8: I need to develop a method for this – one probably variable depending on the length of the list.

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