Thesis - The Form of the Argument
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Form of the Argument
  1. The thesis will present an abductive argument3, that is, an inference to the best explanation of the data.
  2. That’s why I have to consider so many aspects of the subject, so many thought experiments4 and so much clinical data5. Into which story does it all best fit?
  3. I may have to reject some recalcitrant thought experiments as ill-formed, but I do not wish to ignore anything significant.
  4. To keep myself focused and on track, I’ve created a “one page summary” of my Current Stance on the topic of Personal Identity6, which requires continual review, though not expansion.
  5. For some time, I have considered Animalism7 as the most satisfactory account of what human beings are, and this thesis will evaluate the arguments for and against it, using the rival Constitution View8 – supplemented by the hopes of the Transhumanists9 – as a foil.


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