Yogurt, cereal and toast: Can science explain everything?
Andrews (Edgar)
Source: Andrews (Edgar) - Who Made God? Searching For a Theory of Everything, Chapter 2
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Author’s Abstract

  1. Chapter Two .. in which we challenge the common but mistaken idea that science explains (or some day will explain) everything, leaving no room for God to take responsibility for the universe and the way it works. To make the point, we sit down to a humorous breakfast of yogurt, cereal and toast to illustrate the fact that science actually explains nothing, except in terms of its own bizarre concepts.
  2. These include such non-intuitive ideas as the warping of space and time, and the wondrously strange world of quantum mechanics1 — where the same particle can be in two places at once, and one particle knows what another is doing even when mites away from it. Einstein wasn't at all happy about this state of affairs and believed that there must be some deeper and more intuitive underlying truth. In short, science can describe the fundamental structures of matter, energy, space and time but can hardly be said to explain them.
  3. New words?2
    • Phenomenology: The way phenomena (things that are seen or observed) manifest themselves.

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Footnote 2: I note these (as given by the author), not for the usefulness of the definitions, but as an indication of the topics under discussion, and of the low level of education presumed of the reader.

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