3.5-Dimensionalism and Survival: A Process Ontological Approach
Bruntrup (Godehard)
Source: Gasser (Georg) - Personal Identity and Resurrection: How Do We Survive Our Death? 2010
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    Bruntrup develops a metaphysical framework which combines aspects of a four-dimensionalist space-time-ontology with a presentism. The key intuition is that the ontological base level of reality is thoroughly four-dimensional in the sense of a stage theory2. This base level is a level of concrete event-like particulars. If ordered in a causal relation which establishes genidentity, this base level presents the constitution base for abstract time-invariant patterns. These patterns configure endurants, such as the human person. This metaphysical picture allows for a rather robust common-sense view of personal identity through time. It also is capable of accounting for post-mortem existence without having to make use of the notion of a Cartesian soul or the notion of a resurrected body identical to the earthly physical body.


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Footnote 1: From the Introduction by Georg Gasser

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