Hylomorphism and the Constitution View
Quitterer (Josef)
Source: Gasser (Georg) - Personal Identity and Resurrection: How Do We Survive Our Death? 2010
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    By analyzing the problems which bodily resurrection poses for the Constitution View2 of persons, Quitterer concludes that Hylomorphism3 encounters similar problems. He proposes reformulating the Scholastic concept of the soul as the basic capacity for everything that goes into a human being's life, including the capacity to have a first-person perspective4. He argues that the advantage of this approach over the Constitution View5 lies in the fact that the explanation proffered by the soul embraces both mental and bodily functions. Thus, within a Hylomorphic6 framework, it belongs to the inner logic of the concept of the soul to guarantee not only the survival of a first-person perspective7 but the resurrection of the body as well.


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Footnote 1: From the Introduction by Georg Gasser

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