How Many Lives Has Schrodinger's Cat?
Lewis (David)
Source: Jackson - Lewisian Themes: The Philosophy of David K. Lewis, Chapter 1
Paper - Abstract

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Author’s Abstract

  1. Quantum Mechanics1: Superpositions
    1. The Benzene Ring
    2. Half-silvered Mirrors
    3. Quantum Tunnelling
    4. Magnitudes Other than Position
  2. Quantum Mechanics2: Collapse
    1. What Brings on Collapse?
    2. An Untenable Hypothesis
    3. Hypothesis: No Macroscopic Superpositions
    4. Hypothesis: The More Macroscopic, the Less Stable (simplified GRW)
    5. Hypothesis: Collapse Brought on by Measurement (textbook QM)
    6. Hypothesis: Two Kinds of Reality (Wigner)
    7. Hypothesis: Two Kinds of Reality Plus Solipsism (Wigner)
    8. Wigner’s Friend
    9. What Happens in Wigner’s Absence?
  3. Quantum Mechanics3 Without Collapse
    1. The No-Collapse Hypothesis (Everett)
    2. How Does No-Collapse Quantum Mechanics4 Predict Experience?
    3. The Intensity Rule
  4. Life-and-Death Branching
    1. Schrodinger’s Cat
    2. What Should the Cat Expect to Experience?
    3. The Corrected Intensity Rule
    4. The Evil Experiment Repeated
  5. We Are All Schrodinger’s Cats
  6. Evidence Against Collapse
  7. Conclusion


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