Verbs and Minds
Figdor (Carrie)
Source: New Waves in Philosophy of Mind, Online Conference, 3rd-17th December 2012
Paper - Abstract

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Author’s Abstract

    In this paper I distinguish two tasks involved in the project of naturalizing the mind and suggest solutions to them. The metaphysical task is to provide an adequate metaphysical framework for the purpose of accommodating the mind within the natural sciences. The semantic task is to provide a naturalistic framework for explaining representational and experiential content. I defend an adverbial metaphysics in which mental kinds are species of general activity kinds, and show how Kriegel’s anchoring-instance model of content individuation1 is one way to address the semantic task given that metaphysical framework.

  1. Introduction
  2. The act-object assumption in philosophy of mind
  3. The Origins and Extension of Adverbialism
  4. Kriegel’s argument against adverbialism
  5. Content-Modifications: A scientific hypothesis account of adverbial content
  6. Naturalization as the Adverbialist Sees It
  7. Concluding remarks


The paper and a commentary are available at Link. Video of talk: Link.

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